ENMED © ️ has two medical textile factories located in Mersin Free Zone. One of them has approximately 4500 square meters production area and 1500 square meters warehouse area. It has 320 sewing machines within 8 bands. Another factory is around 2700 square meters and contains 220 sewing machines within 6 bands.

Factory is specialized for especially ultrasonic sewing for personal protective equipment such as gowns, coveralls, and drape sets. There are nearly 200 units of ultrasonic sewing machine and work with the latest sewing techniques using ultrasonic spot-welding technologies.

Besides, our factories have hot air seam sealed machines which allows us to produce ENMED © ️ Type3 / 4 Full Protection Coveralls with tape technology. Factory has approximately 500 sewing machines in total that allows ENMED © ️ to be the largest textile facility in our region and one of the few medical textile factories in Turkey.

Our factory specializes in liquid-proof gowns and coveralls with specialized ultrasonic sewing machines in personal protective products. All kinds of medical drape sets and special medical products on customer request are produced our factory under the brand of ENMED © ️. Our daily production capacity is approximately 80.000 units for disposable gowns, 40.000 units coveralls and 20.000 units full protection coveralls with taped and so on.