EN ECZA DEPOSU A.Ş. was established and located in Mersin, a beautiful city on the coast of south Turkey. Its brand ENMED ©️ with more than twenty years of medical product experience have all kind of personal protective equipment productions.

We have currently the largest medical textile production factory in Mediterranean Region and produces all kinds of Personal Protective Equipment products such as disposable coveralls, surgical gowns, aprons, masks, etc. In our medical textile production factory, we specialized for ultrasonic sewing and spotting for liquid proof gowns and coveralls.

In addition to medical textile production facilities, we also have 3 ply masks and FFP protective masks production lines which have 20 million for 3 Ply Masks and 4 million FFP Protective Masks production capacity monthly. We also have sterile production facilities of Ethylene Oxide Sterilization (ETO) and UV Sterilization. With that sterilization lines, we can sterilize products such as gowns, masks and all kind of personal protective equipments. Our products have CE, ISO 9001, ISO 13425, FDA certificates and, we have test reports from accredited test laboratories.

Our company has the contracts for production, sale, and export of the PPE products with the Turkish Ministry of Economy and Health and have export permits for all countries. We had been exported PPE products to USA, Middle East countries, Russia, and some of European countries by now as ENMED©️ brand. We have contracts for personal protective equipment with some countries’ Ministry of Health. 

In 2020, we invested approximately 2 million dollars for medical textile and mask production. We continue our investments.  Our company is one of the biggest companies providing employment in the region with its nearly 1000 employees.