The ENMED ENM-712 FFP2 Protective Face Mask is designed to help protect against: Filtering half masks to protect against particles.

Key Features

Personal Protective Equipment


  • Type: Ear Loop
  • Size: 10.5cm x 15.5cm
  • PFE: > 95%

Warnings and Limitations

Before use read and understand all user instructions and be sure that the product is suitable for the application and fitted correctly. Product must never be altered or modified. Prior to use inspect the clothing for any damage that could affect its protective function. Replace any damaged clothing. Care should be taken when removing contaminated garments, so as not contaminate the user with any hazardous subtances. If garments are contaminated, then decontamination procedures should be followed prior to removal of the garment. The wearing of chemical protective clothing may cause head stress if appropriate consideration is not given to the workplace enviroment. Appropriate under garments should be considered to minimize head stress or damage your garment.