High performance with high comfort

All our gowns are designed to enhance the performance for your surgical team. All ENMED surgical gowns are generously cut in the chest and sleeves for greater comfort and freedom of movement. Each gown features a very long hook & loop neck closure for an easily adjustable, gap-free custom fit and long and tight knitted cuffs for a better fit and retention ENMED’s wide range of sizes and lengths satisfies the needs of every clinician, with hightech breathable fabrics keeping the wearer comfortable and dry, even during long procedures. Most of our surgical gowns are designed with glued sleeve seams to bring higher comfort and strength.

An extensive choice

To satisfy any preference in the OR, we offer five different options in fabric, each with their own distinct style and reinforcement. That’s why, with ENMED, clinicians have the widest available range of choice in size, length, reinforcement type, and sleeve construction. Dependable Protection ENMED’s gown fabrics offer incredible protection. Each gown is latex-free and meets or exceeds the minimum performance requirements of the EN 13795 standard with very low linting. The Essential and Advanced materials high hydrostatic head and extra Alcohol Repellency treatment give wearers the protection they need and the comfort they deserve. The unique Ultimate gown offers all-over impervious protection with exceptional breathability and coolness.

Easy to use

All ENMED Surgical Gowns feature intuitive color coding. Product labels, neck bindings and transfer tabs display Purple for Standard Performance or Blue for High Performance. Droplets tie in to the US standard AAMI levels 1 to 4 **. These colors, as well as the droplets on the gown as well as a stamp on both sides of the gown with the size and the length, make it easy to choose the ideal gown for the individual requirements of any surgical procedure.